Born and bread in London, Wenzel’s started as one family’s sweet dream and has risen to be a community favourite.

From the day our first loaf turned out in 1975, we’ve loved each and every customer - and they’ve loved us back. As a fast-formed classic for North West Londoners, we’ve expanded to over 80 locations, spreading the sweet life all over England. Our mission is to offer the best of baking at reasonable prices to our batch of lovely customers. As a family business, we bring that love to every bite, dedicating lots of pace and pounds to innovative product development and an incredible customer experience. After all, it wouldn’t be a Wenzel’s if you didn’t leave with a smile - and a full belly.

Whether it’s breaking bread or baking bread, we love contributing to a community of lovely people by providing something to make life a little sweeter.

There’s not much that beats freshly baked goods, but there’s not much worse than excessive food waste from unsold products. That’s why we’ve partnered with Too Good To Go, an online platform that allows users to purchase surplus food at a discounted price. This means that less food goes to waste and more people get delicious bakes - it’s a win-win.

Our community has offered so much support and we spread the love right back to them. From taking on local apprentices to hosting school visits and forming various charitable partnerships, we take spreading the sweet life very seriously.


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